….but on bad days, 

On the good days, I see God in everything.  The trials seems worth it and the pain has purpose.  In every message or quote, I feel uplifting power.   I am so thankful for everything that led me here.  

But on the bad days, those same tools don’t work.  In fact, it makes it worse.  Feeling detached from things that I feel should help but don’t, makes me feel alone and hopeless.  

So I get it.  Something has to change.  I am pausing, and realizing I can’t keep going to the tools that don’t work for me in this harder place.  How can I heal from my bad days?  I need some new ideas.  Please help.  


  1. Consider the areas in your life, that are repeated patterns. The ole’ familiar ones that are ingrain habits of your life. What do you keep tolerating, doing, or putting up with that deliver the same thing over and over again. As the program says, “If you keep doing the same old things over and over again, you can expect to keep getting the same old thing over and over again”. It is the definition of insanity.

    So, maybe it’s not the tools, but what are you repeating in your life, that needs to be changed. Most often it’s something we ‘fear’ letting go of. For there are even ‘benefits’ in harboring habits and choices that are not healthy for us.

    Find healthy, new tools that resignate with you. They don’t have to be program suggested. Tap into what brings you joy and relief. What raises your frequency to a glorious increase in delight. What do you like to do? What are the things you dreamed about doing (but couldn’t do) while you were using…that you can now do?

    Take an exercise class, JOURNAL (free!), do some volunteer work, READ the stories of others who struggle but triumph, get a sponsor, listen to music, draw, color book therapy (these can be purchased anywhere now), write a letter to your addiction or your pain, read about relapse and it’s causes (understanding the dark side sheds light on it, and it dies within each time one does so), go see a movie, treat yourself as if it is your child—-what would you give that child to help her through a bad day? And understand this is only temporary, this too shall pass…….Live in the moment.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck to you! Never, never, ever give up!

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