How has Jesus Christ helped you with you loved ones addiction?

How has Jesus Christ helped you with you loved ones addiction?
My first reaction when I read this question, is to think of it in reverse. For me, my loved ones addiction helped me know my Savior, and that had to happen first before I saw or allowed Christ to help me.
The unmanageability and powerlessness that addiction brought into my life, left me broken-hearted, with a level of humility which caused me to know my absolute NEED for my God and Savior. I practiced surrendering my will, which meant trusting that our Father and Savior loved my husband more than I do. That they could do more than I could. When I stopped focusing outwardly on my husbands addiction and turned inward to focus on myself, I was able to let Christ work in me, change my heart and enter into His rest. I experienced the miracle that is Christ.
Addiction has been a my greatest teacher. What I have learned are not addiction lessons, they are life lessons. Everyone needs spiritual healing through Christ, and addiction was the conduit in which I learned how to access it for myself. It was more than just receiving comfort for pain, it was being willing to become better from the pain. “Crisis sweeps into our life and forces us to let everything fall away that we though we needed, so that we can find out what’s left over. The only things you need are the very things that can never be taken from you.”- Glennon Melton Doyle



  1. Yes and amen!! This is exactly it. These words could be mine, except they wouldn’t have been written so articulately. The journey from the devastating effects of my husband’s addiction to discovering Jesus waiting to envelop and heal me has brought me more joy and made me a healthier person than at any time in my life. It is a beautiful thing. Blessings to you as you continue to grow and heal with Jesus at your side!

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  2. The struggle to watch your loved one fall into their addiction is heartbreaking. It brings out mistrust and leaves you in a state of misery. I had to finally give it to God and He gave me peace. He let me know it’s OK to walk away. For I cannot help him. Only He can. And it is up to him if he wants His help to give him the victory. Drugs have a hold on someone and turns them into someone you no longer know and are scared of. I had to leave. I was drowning in his addiction and pulling me down with him. I do pray for his deliverance and that he will allow God to give him the strength to overcome. For the sake of our children and our granddaughter. But he will need to truly surrender and allow God to be his true love in his life so that he can have peace. Surrender to Him is the only way to gain the peace and have the joy.


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